The Asset Liability Management Committee comprises as under:
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Terms of Reference of Asset Liability Management Committee (ALCO):
  1. Ensuring adherence to the limits set by the Board as well as for deciding the business strategy of the Company (on the assets and liabilities sides) in line with the Company’s budget and decided risk management objectives;
  2. Prepare forecasts (simulations) showing the effects of various possible changes in market conditions related to the balance sheet and recommend the action needed to adhere to Company’s internal limits;
  3. Ensure that the Company operates within the limits / parameters set by the Board;
  4. ALCO would also articulate the current interest rate view of the Company and base its decisions for future business strategy on this view;
  5. Measuring and managing liquidity needs and ensure Company’s ability to meet its liabilities as they become due, liquidity management can reduce probability of an adverse situation developing;
  6. Present to the Board statement of assets and liabilities;
  7. Update Board on various assets and securitisation of mortgage loans & gold loans;
  8. Recommending Board about the viable source of finance to cater fund requirements of the Company.
  9. Any other matter as may be mandated/referred by the Authority/Board.
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