The IT Strategy Committee comprises as under:

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  1. Approving IT strategy and policy documents and ensuring that the management has put an effective strategic planning process in place;
  2. Ascertaining that management has implemented processes and practices that ensure that the IT delivers value to the business;
  3. Ensuring IT investments represent a balance of risks and benefits and that budgets are acceptable;
  4. Monitoring the method that management uses to determine the IT resources needed to achieve strategic goals and provide high-level direction for sourcing and use of IT resources;
  5. Ensuring proper balance of IT investments for sustaining NBFC’s growth and becoming aware about exposure towards IT risks and controls.
  6. Instituting an appropriate governance mechanism for outsourced processes, comprising of risk based policies and procedures, to effectively identify, measure, monitor and control risks associated with outsourcing in an end to end manner;
  7. Defining approval authorities for outsourcing depending on nature of risks and materiality of outsourcing;
  8. Developing sound and responsive outsourcing risk management policies and procedures commensurate with the nature, scope, and complexity of outsourcing arrangements;
  9. Undertaking a periodic review of outsourcing strategies and all existing material outsourcing arrangements;
  10. Evaluating the risks and materiality of all prospective outsourcing based on the framework developed by the Board;
  11. Periodically reviewing the effectiveness of policies and procedures;
  12. Communicating significant risks in outsourcing to the NBFC’s Board on a periodic basis;
  13. Ensuring an independent review and audit in accordance with approved policies and procedures;
  14. Ensuring that contingency plans have been developed and tested adequately;
  15. Ensuring that the business continuity preparedness is not adversely compromised on account of outsourcing.
  16. To work in partnership with other Board committees and Senior Management to provide input to them. It will also carry out review and amend the IT strategies in line with the corporate strategies, Board Policy reviews, cyber security arrangements and any other matter related to IT Governance.
  17. Any other matter as may be mandated/referred by the Authority/Board.
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