Digital Finance


If you are reaping the benefits of the exponential growth seen in e-commerce, we understand you must also be facing the daily challenges like variable demand and intense competition from other e-commerce merchants.

英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Finance offers you fast, flexible and hasslefree working capital loan to take care of your financial needs. Our customized business solutions, designed specifically for e-commerce merchants, helps you focus on multi-fold growth.

Through the Digital Finance program, we collaborate with e-commerce portals, aggregators, fin-tech companies to offer financial solutions to their merchants.

Digital Finance Partners

We have partnered with the following fin-tech companies :

  • Arthimpact Finserve Pvt LTD - Happylaons
  • Think & Learn Private Limited - BYJUS
  • Finnovations Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd - Kreditbee
  • Camden town technologies private limited - Zestmoney
  • Whizdm innovations private limited - Moneyview
  • Xtracap Fintech India Pvt Ltd - Xtracap
  • Indifi Technologies - Indifi
  • Finbox
  • Khatabook
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