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I used to live in a rented accommodation along with my wife. However, the landlord used to ask us to increase the rent every few months. Thus we were compelled to move from one home to another. It was only after a few subsequent moves that we started looking out for some stability in our lives and began to explore our options to purchase a home. at a reasonable EMI.

Raghava Reddy

V Prasad

I am working as a Pandit from the past many years, I earn good too but do not have any income proof and I don’t file my tax returns. This increased my struggle for Home Loan and I ended up getting nothing. I applied in several Banks & finance companies but nobody was ready to finance me based on my income. While serving people there was no finance companies ready to serve a Pandit.

Raghava Reddy

Tanaji Wadekar

I could not have bought my first home without 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Loan. With limited source of income and earnings from a private job, I never imagined to buy a home which we could call our own. Though my father was aged, 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Loan considered his income & helped me purchase my dream house.

Raghava Reddy

Omkar Patki

Hans Raj, could have hardly thought that his dream of buying a home can be fulfilled. He and his wife were fed-up of the daily nuances of dealing with the owner/landlord of the rented home they were living in. Every few months they were forced to move from one rented accommodation to another.

Raghava Reddy

Hans Raj

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