Rates and Charges

Find all the charges payable when availaing a Gold Loan from 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版
  • Interest Rate

    1 % onward p.m.
    (12% - 27% p.a.)

    Rates vary according to the amount and tenure & Purity

  • Processing Fee


    Varies depending on scheme availed

  • MTM Charges


    Valuing an asset to reflect its current market rate


Any kind of gold jewellery/ornament of purity over 18 carat can be provided as security to avail a gold loan.

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Yes, a nominal processing fee has to be paid in availing a gold loan.

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Yes, you have the option of foreclosing your account where you can pay-back the loan amount before its tenor and release your gold from the branch.

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Depending on your loan amount, a nominal closure charge from Rs. 0-150 will be charged for closing the loan before 3 months. There are no closure charges after 3 months.

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Gold loans are flexible instruments that include the option of repaying through EMIs or a single payment. You can opt for either one of the payment options as per your financial convenience.

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The gold loan is calculated based on the quality of the pledged gold and its market value in the domestic physical market. After the total value is calculated the loan amount is given based on a certain percentage of the total value, which is typically 75%-90%.

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Yes, you can only pay the interest amount and can pay the principal amount later at the end of the loan tenure.

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You need to present documents to confirm your identity and address. You can find the accepted documents for the two under the ‘Documents’ tab.

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You can apply for a gold loan when you require funds for specific purposes such as education, marriage etc and have physical gold you can pledge as collateral.

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The lender evaluates your provided gold articles and gives the loan amount based on a certain predefined percentage of the total value of your gold based on the current market value. The lender charges interest on the loaned amount and keeps the gold articles safe. Once you have repaid the principal amount along with interest, you get back the gold articles from the lender.

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