Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

This section contains the Terms of Use of this Website. By accessing this Website and any of its pages, you are agreeing to these Terms.

iiflfinance.com disclaims any obligation to update or correct or provide accuracy in information/ content pertaining to any third party contained in any of the sections under the 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd website located at www.iiflhomeloans.com (hereafter referred as the website), whether arising as a result of financial, business or any other developments. The information in any or all of the sections of this website is updated by 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd on a periodic basis and is uploaded as on a particular date, which may not be of current/ latest date. Hence this information may not be an accurate representation of the actual filings, press releases, earnings releases, financials, industry news, stock quotes, etc.

The Products and Services referred to in this Website are offered only in countries where they may be lawfully offered by 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd or another member of the Group. The materials on the Website are not intended for use by persons located in, or resident in, countries that restrict the distribution of such materials. These material contained in the Website should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation to sell investments or make deposits in any country to any person to whom it is unlawful to make such an invitation or solicitation in such country. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd retains the absolute right to determine eligibility for subscription to any of the Services.

The information contained in these pages is not intended to provide professional advice. Persons accessing these pages should obtain appropriate professional advice when necessary.

The content and information contained within our Website or delivered to you in connection with the use of our Website is the property of 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd and any other third party (where applicable). The trademark, trade names and logos (the "Trade Marks") that are used and displayed on our website include our registered and unregistered Trade Marks and of third parties. Nothing contained on our Website should be construed as granting any license or right to use any Trade Marks displayed on our Website. We retain all proprietary rights on our Website. Users are prohibited from using the same without the written permission of 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd or such other third parties. The materials on this Website are protected by copyright and no part of such materials may be modified, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted (in any form or by any means), copied, distributed, used for creating derivative works or used in any other way for commercial or public purposes without the prior written consent of 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd.

Whilst every care has been taken in preparing the information contained in this Website, such information and materials are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. In particular, no warranty regarding non-infringement, security, accuracy, fitness for a purpose or freedom from computer viruses is given in connection with such information and materials.

E-mail messages sent to 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd over the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd is not responsible for any damages incurred by users if they send an E-mail message to 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd, or if 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd sends an E-mail message to them at their request, over the Internet. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd is not responsible in any way for direct, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of this Website.

Due to the nature of the Internet transactions the same may be subject to interruption, transmission blackout, delayed transmission and incorrect data transmission. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd is not liable for malfunctions in communications facilities not under its control that may affect the accuracy or timeliness of messages and transactions you send.

We do not represent or warrant that the Website will be available and will meet your requirements, that access will not be interrupted, that there will be no delays, failures, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information, that no viruses or other contaminating or destructive properties will be transmitted or that no damage will occur to your computer system. You have sole responsibility for adequate protection and back up of data and/or equipment and for undertaking reasonable and appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses or other destructive properties. We make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, functionality or performance of any third party software that may be used in connection with the Website.

英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd reserves the right to delete, modify, change or discontinue any or all of the information on this Website without giving notice to any user, individual, group of individuals, institutions and any such governing bodies.

If so provided under the policies of 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd or/ if provided in the Website, we may (a) issue you a unique user name and password for operation/ navigation purposes. You are required to keep your password secure. If so provided in the interface of the Website you can also change your password online at any time.

英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd may put in an internal session manager that will ensure that if you are not around your browser for more than 20 minutes it asks for a login once you are back.

The system maintains a database of attack signatures which is continuously updated and against which it will scan all incoming traffic to detect any malicious activity or hacking attempts into the Website. In the event of a possible attack, it will terminate that session, log the attack details and also alert the administrator.

1.    These WhatsApp terms and conditions ("WhatsApp TnC’s"/ “Terms and Conditions”) shall form a legally binding contract between “you /the Customer” and 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd and its subsidiaries and/or affiliates (Collectively “ 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL ”), and shall be further subject to such terms as 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL may agree with "WhatsApp" and/or any other service providers. These WhatsApp TnC’s shall be in addition to and not in derogation of the terms and conditions governing any other product or service being provided by 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL and being availed by the Customer.

2.    You agree and acknowledge that you are subscribing to and participating in the service offered by 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL through WhatsApp at your sole discretion and by entering your contact number or following other instructions mentioned on www.iiflhomeloans.com or mentioned in the WhatsApp communication.

3.    英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL is offering including but not limited to the below mentioned services via WhatsApp (“ Service ”) at its sole discretion and reserves the right to withdraw/modify/retract the terms or the Service at any time, without any notice. The subscription of the Service will allow 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL to send relevant communications to the Customer on WhatsApp. The Service would enable the Customer to:
a.    Apply for personal loan, Business Loan, Gold Loan.
b.    Apply for Loan Facility
c.    Apply for Top Up Loans / Additional Facility
d.    Apply for Lead
e.    Downloading
i.    Statement of Account
ii.    Welcome letter
iii.    Amortization schedule
iv.    Final IT certificate
v.    Provisional IT certificate
f.    Share link for downloading 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL mobile app
g.    View Loan Account summary – Interest Due, Emi Due or Outstanding amount.
h.    Provide Information regarding multiple 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL offerings & Quick links
i.    Quick Pay – Pay EMI

4.    You understand that the Service cannot be used for grievance redressal or reporting complaints or for any other purpose except as stated above. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL shall assume no liability or responsibility for any other service request, complaints or any other communication on this channel and will not be bound to take cognizance of any such communication.

5.    The Customer understands that the receipt of messages by him/her shall be subject to a working network connection and the Customer shall ensure and maintain appropriate network connection for the same. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL shall not be held responsible for any delay or non-receipt of the responses/communication from 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL .

6.    The Customer understands that the output and responses received by the Customer on WhatsApp are based on a program running at the back-end and may vary basis the inputs entered by the Customer. This program has been developed and is regularly enhanced to handle the inputs in best possible manner. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL shall not be held liable or responsible for any delay in responses or any inaccuracy/ inconsistency in the output/responses/ suggestions.

7.    The Customer understands and agrees that he/she shall not submit or transmit any content through this Service that may be:
a.    Untrue, derogatory, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, or contain any lascivious or pornographic content.
b.    Infringes any third party rights including Intellectual Property Rights
c.    Encourages the commission of a crime, civil wrong or violation of any law of the land or the jurisdiction where the Customer resides. 

8.    Under no circumstances shall 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL , or its agents, affiliate companies, officers, directors, employees, and contractors be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages that may result from the use of, or inability to use, this Service or for receipt of any response provided by the program.

9.    The Customer understands that usage of WhatsApp and subscription of the Service is susceptible to risks. Any message and/or information that may be exchanged is subject to risks of being read, interrupted, intercepted, misused or defrauded by a third party or otherwise subject to manipulation by a third party or involve delay in transmission. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL shall not be responsible for the consequences arising out of or in connection with using the Service. More particularly the Customer agree that the documents/information he/she is requesting for would be governed by the policies and protection offered by WhatsApp from time to time which are subject to changes and that 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL assumes no responsibility or liability for any of the foregoing.

10.    The Customer agrees and authorizes 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL to collect, disclose and store, from time to time, any information and data relating to him/her (including personal sensitive data or information and any information that requires a consent under the Information Technology Act, 2008 and/or any other statute) and/or the Facility and/or other facilities availed by me/us and/or the ‘financial information’ as defined in Section 3(13) of IBC, in or outside India without requirement of any notice or intimation:

a.    to any of its Affiliates and to any member of 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL or any of their employees, agents, representatives etc.;
b.    to third parties engaged by the Lender or any member of 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL for purposes such as marketing of services and products;
c.    to any rating agency, insurer or insurance broker of, or direct or indirect provider of credit protection to the Lender or any member of 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL ;
d.    to any of the service providers or professional advisers of a member of the 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL with the rights to further share it with their sub-contractors in any jurisdiction;
e.    to any credit bureau, database/databanks, corporate, banks, financial institutions etc.
f.    to any authority or other person as required by applicable law;
g.    to any person pursuant to an order or direction of an authority;
h.    to any credit information company, other agencies or any information utility or other lenders of the Borrower including who may also use, process the said information and data disclosed by the Lender in the manner as deemed fit by them, and who may for consideration or otherwise furnish such processed information and data or products thereof prepared by them, to banks/financial institutions and other credit guarantors or registered users, as may be specified by the RBI; and / or;
i.    to any other person:
•    to whom the Lender may potentially assign or transfer or novate all or any of its rights and obligations under the Facility Documents/Facility; and/or
•    pursuant to the processing or management of data relating to the Facility or the Borrower; and/or 
•    as the Lender may deem fit.

11.    The Customer expressly authorizes/consents to 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL , its group companies and other companies within the 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL group, its various service providers or agents, to contact him/her through e-mails, telephones, messages, SMS, WhatsApp or other applications or otherwise even if his/her name appear in the Do Not Call or Do Not Disturb Register to inform him/her about the marketing schemes, promotional schemes, various financial and other products and/or offerings of other services, loyalty programs or any other aspect offered by them. The Customer agree to the use of e-mails, messages, SMS, WhatsApp and/or other applications for communication or sharing of information or documents, agree to abide by the terms and conditions of such applications and agree to the risks associated with such applications or sharing of information through them. The Customer agrees that this consent shall continue to be valid even if the loan applied for has been rejected or closed.

12.    The Customer hereby consents to receiving information from Central KYC Registry through SMS/Email on the registered number/Email address.

13.    The Customer hereby provides consent to 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL to obtain and / or submit his/her information from / to Credit Information Company and/or information utility and/or such institution set up under the provisions of law from time to time, as and when required.

14.    The Customer is aware of the Fair Practices Code and Policy for determination of Interest Rates, Processing and other charges adopted by 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFLwhich are placed on the Company’s website www.iiflhomeloans.com .

15.    The Customer is aware that authentication technologies and strict security measures are required for using Mobile applications. The Customer shall ensure that the passwords/authentication details and/or any personal information or other sensitive information is not revealed to any third party including employees of 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL . The Customer shall be solely responsible for all the communication exchanged between them and 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL while subscribing and participating in the Service.

16.    You agree to abide by all the terms and conditions/ privacy policy of WhatsApp or any third party application that may be accessed by you. You further understand that you are solely responsible for maintaining security safeguards of your WhatsApp account linked to the registered mobile number.

17.    The Customer agrees that he/she shall not have any claim against 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL on account of any suspension, interruption, non-availability or malfunctioning of the Service due to any link/mobile/technological/system failure at 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL end for any reason thereof

18.    It is advisable for the Customers who have subscribed to this Service to delete the WhatsApp Application when changing their device.

19.    These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and will be updated at 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL discretion without any notice thereof.

20.    英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the Terms and Conditions, features and benefits in relation to the Services. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL may communicate the amended Terms and Conditions by hosting the same on its website or in any other manner as decided by 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL . The Customer shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these WhatsApp TnC’s, including amendments thereto as may be posted on the website and shall be deemed to have accepted the amended Terms and Conditions by continuing to use the Services.

21.    These WhatsApp TnC’s shall be governed by laws of India. Any dispute or differences arising out of or in connection with the Services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai.

22.    The WhatsApp TnC’s mentioned above are an indicative list of terms and conditions of 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL  loan products. These WhatsApp TnC’s are further described in other financing documents (such as Specific Agreements, Master Terms and Conditions, other loan documents) under relevant sections / schedules and therefore should be read in conjunction with such financing documents.

23.    Home Loans and Home Equity are originated and serviced by 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Housing Finance Company Private Limited (英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL) and are at its sole discretion. All other loans are originated and serviced by 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 Home Finance Ltd and are at its sole discretion. Any offer provided by 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL and/or 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL may be withdrawn or modified by them at any time without prior notice.

24.    The Customer understands and agrees that any document/information provided by the customer is true, correct and best of its knowledge. 英雄联盟竞猜观看最新版 HFL will not be held liable or responsible for the contents or veracity thereof.

25.    The Customer hereby declares that he/she has read, understood and agrees to the WhatsApp TnC’s mentioned herein.

For detailed terms and conditions applicable on MSME Loan Against Property, click here

1. Amount once paid through the payment gateway for IPO application shall not be refunded other than in the following circumstances:

a. Multiple times debiting of Customer’s Card/Bank Account due to technical error OR Customer's account being debited with excess amount in a single transaction due to technical error. In such cases, excess amount excluding Payment Gateway charges would be refunded to the Customer

b. Refunds can be instant but It may take 3-10 days for the money to show in your bank account depending on your bank’s policy. Please note that such delays are attributable to banking and other operational issues.



2. Company assumes no responsibility and shall incur no liability if it is unable to affect any Payment Instruction(s) on the Payment Date owing to any one or more of the following circumstances:

a. If the Payment Instruction(s) issued by you is/are incomplete, inaccurate, and invalid and delayed.

b. If the Payment Account has insufficient funds/limits to cover for the amount as mentioned in the Payment Instruction(s)

c. If the funds available in the Payment Account are under any encumbrance or charge.

d. If your Bank delays honoring the Payment Instruction(s)


Important: By accessing this Website and any of its pages you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out above.

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