Which Loan Is Right For You?

While exploring loan choice you should first know the types of loans that are available. Read to select the loan that fits your needs!

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Which Loan Is Right For You?

There are three vital parts of a loan: Principal amount, interest rate, and tenure. While applying for a loan, you must consider the loan type, as every loan provides different benefits and reliefs.

So, which loan is the right loan for you?

Types of Loans

A. Secured Loans

This loan type involves borrowers surrendering some form of collateral.

• Home Loan:

Home loans are available at a lower interest rate, typically between 6.65-12% per annum. The maximum loan amount depends on age, income, credit history, etc.

• Loan Against Property:

You can take a loan against property while simultaneously using it. You can get a loan of up to Rs. 25 crores with an interest rate ranging between 8-25% per annum.

• Loan Against Insurance Policies:

In a financial emergency, you can get a loan of up to 85-90% of the insurance policy's surrender value, with interest rates ranging between 8.90-13% per annum.

• Gold Loans:

For short-term requirements, gold loans are available for up to 75% of gold's value at a 7.35% to 29% interest rate.

• Loan Against Financial Assets:

Instead of liquidating mutual funds, shares or fixed deposits, you can take a loan by pledging them. The interest rates on loans against FD (1-2% + FD rates) and loans against mutual funds (6-13.25%) differ. The maximum amount you can borrow varies among lenders.

B. Unsecured Loans

This loan type does not require borrowers to surrender any collateral.

• Personal Loan:

If you are looking for funds to meet personal expenses, you can consider a personal loan, with interest rates ranging between 7.90-49% per annum. The maximum loan amount differs among lenders.

• Business Loan:

To meet the business's daily expenses or expansion requirements, business loans are available with interest rates ranging between 10-26% per annum. The maximum loan amount differs among lenders.

• Flexi Loan:

If you are looking for a personal loan with a relaxed payment schedule, a Flexi loan is a perfect option. Interest rates on such loans start from 12% per annum onwards. The maximum loan amount varies among lenders.

• Education Loan:

To meet education expenses, you can consider an education loan with an interest rate between 5-17%. You don't require any collateral for educational loans up to Rs. 4,00,000.

• Vehicle loan:

A vehicle loan is the right option if you want to buy your dream vehicle. The interest rates for car loans range from 6.65-14%. The maximum amount of a car loan generally depends on the on-road price of cars.

There are various loan options available, whether it is for personal reasons or business growth. Read about what the market offers and choose the most suitable loan that suits your requirements.


Q1. What collaterals are accepted for a secured loan?
Ans. Some acceptable collateral for a secured loan include personal real estate, personal vehicles, home equity, investment accounts, paychecks, art, precious metals, etc. It varies based on the loan type.

Q2. Can a borrower take two loans for a single purpose?
Ans. Yes, a borrower can take two loans. If they have a sound credit score, the bank may offer him a personal loan in addition to a home loan.

Q3. What assets are permitted while taking a loan against financial assets?
Ans. Some financial assets that one can pledge to get a loan include fixed deposits, mutual funds, equity, etc.

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